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Faking Doctor’s Notes

All of us have had at least fleeting thoughts of faking a doctor’s note, not to mention those who have even gone through with this idea. Faking a doctor’s note is not as difficult as one would imagine, concerning the technical aspect of this idea, still it is difficult to execute since some people might find it morally wrong or it might induce feelings of fear when going through with it. Therefore, I would not advise you to fake a doctor’s note unless you are really in a situation that has no other solution. Learn to make your own fake doctor’s note to spend more time at home.

Even then, I would rather advise you to talk to your doctor or your employer and reason with them than to attempt something like forging a document. If you acquire a doctors excuse note and get caught, you will surely suffer some serious consequences. If you’re a student, you might get expelled or have a bad record, if you’re an employee, you might get fired and will not receive any recommendation for another job. That would be very hard afterwards.

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This is the same case when it comes to school, it’s more recommendable to ask your professor/school officials to have a rest day rather than use a fake note as an excuse. There are rumors that fake doctors notes to use at school are more dangerous than bringing in drugs because you can get caught easily and your notes can be quickly spotted for errors unless you have some relatives who happen to be a  doctor!


If you really insist using it, then you must learn how to create fake doctor notes properly. This way you can assure that the note you are using is fool-proof. It can be very effective to use whether at school or at work. Just ask some friends first if they can spot it as fake. If they can tell it easily, then you must make revisions because that will be the same when you present it to your boss or professors.

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If you have your mind deeply set on forging a doctor’s note and see no other way out in your current situation, here are some tips which might help you out in this difficult and morally-conflicting situation. In other words, here’s how to fake a doctor’s note:

1. Pay Attention To Details

If you are about to make a fake doctor’s note, you must pay attention to details. Being sloppy will surely get you caught and into trouble, before even being able to explain what happened. pay_attention_to_the_detailsTherefore you should pay attention to tiny details, even though it might seem fairly reasonable to argue that such things no one, and especially your employer, will notice. Still, the better the execution, the easier it will be for you.

A good fake doctors note has all the elements of a real physician’s form. This include the logo, names, dates, symptoms, and the name of disease.

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2. Find A Blank One

The ideal situation would be for you to find a blank doctor’s note which then can be used for your own purposes. Perhaps when visiting your doctor you can make a request (and of course follow this request with a credible reason why the doctor’s should do so) to provide you with a blank doctor’s note which you will be able to use any time in the future. Also, with a blank doctor’s note is almost impossible for you to get into some sort of trouble or that your employer will be on to you.

You can get a sample copy of such notes only at abcnews4.com, and you can download it anytime and anywhere you like, as long as you have an internet connection. You’ll also need a printer to instantly print their templates.

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I personally recommend that you do some research first before jumping in and getting a doctor’s excuse for yourself. If you’re a beginner to this method, then you’re the most susceptible to internet fraudsters and scammers. Read this article. If you want to further study this subject, you can go to fakedoctorexcuse.net to learn more from their high-quality contents.

3. Forge A Doctor’s Note

While it is never a genial idea, some people opt out for forging a doctor’s note. There are numerous things which can go wrong in this case and I should warn you that you could get into serious trouble for this. Still, if you have your mind set on forging a doctor’s note, you should do it almost perfectly if at all possible. If at any point you realize that you will not be able to follow through with doctors-ntoe-templatenearly perfect execution of this plan, I would advise you to drop it all together and try a different strategy entirely. You might want to check out this KATV article.

4. Change The Existing Doctor’s Note

You can even use the existing doctor’s note and manipulate a few entries such as the dates or the names, in order to make it useful for your own purposes. If you do this carefully and meticulously there are little to no risks of getting into trouble or getting caught by your employer.

However, faking a note does not guarantee that it will work all the time. Even though we had discussed the ways to fake a doctor’s note, iamjoshboston.com tells us additional details that we should consider. You should visit the said website to gather all the necessary info that will help you to have a high success rate with your utilization of a doctor’s note.

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Dr.’s notes are beneficial

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